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Laugh & Learn – Culinary Team Bonding – Signorelli Corporate Cooking Classes


Laugh and learn – Studies have shown that culinary team bonding events are far more effective and produce longer lasting results than traditional team activities.If like many companies, you’re searching for an ideal way to get your team together for some “team bonding”, what better way than a day out of the office in a corporate cooking class learning new skills and having fun at the same time?Preparing a meal is the perfect metaphor for teamwork – and the meal becomes the symbol of the team itself! Cooking is interactive and mentally challenging. Throughout the “hands on corporate cooking classes” participants will discover that the only way to achieve their objectives is to work as a cohesive team, utilising effective communication, planning and leadership.Culinary team bonding brings people together to improve communication, hone problem-solving skills, build morale and invoke spontaneous laughter. The simple act of making good food together becomes the focus for sharing responsibility and making the most of each person’s individual skills.Signorelli Gastronomia offers you a choice of different hands on culinary corporate team bonding events.


Corporate Culinary Activities

As well as our regular cooking class programme Signorelli Gastronomia can also include some culinary activities for your next corporate function.Signorelli Gastronomia is pleased to accommodate any corporate request. All listed courses can be adapted and customised to meet your needs. Please contact our sales team for further information.





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