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Whether you’re a lover or beginner in understanding the fundamentals of wine, Signorelli Gastronomia’s Wine Room can facilitate you with the perfect environment and experienced staff to guide you through a vivid wine shopping experience.Signorelli Gastronomia can provide you with an introduction in choosing the best wine to pair up with your favourite meal and suit both your taste and your budget.At Signorelli Gastronomia we believe the most important factor in choosing and tasting your desired drop of wine relies on it’s varietal characteristics. Because after all, a good wine on the palate is just as important as the lasting sensation and aromatic aftertaste.

Good Drop… from our Wine Room

The wine cellar at Signorelli Gastronomia can provide you with the perfect red or white, relying on over 300 local and mediterranean varieties consisting of deep reds, crisp whites, the sweet, fruity, dry or slightly spiced.Come and visit us today because whether it’s the prefect glass of wine with your dinner or bottle to take home, we are dedicated in finding a drop you’ll enjoy.To find out how you can create your own wine hamper or gift pack click here.To discover What’s On in the Signorelli Calendar click here.